The Ultimate Secret Weapon

This past weekend I was lucky enough to watch my favorite artist, Johnnyswim at Minglewood Hall in Downtown Memphis. The concert was everything I could’ve dreamed of it being and then some. Aside from the glitz and glamour of the event, there was one story that the main singer, Abner Ramirez, ¬†told us that encompassed everything powerful about music.

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Johnnyswim: Live at Minglewood Hall

Ramirez began the story by telling us about his favorite bar in Nashville. Apparently, this particular bar was famous for it’s incredible performances on Sunday evening. People would come from near and far to enjoy its enticing live music. However, there’s a catch. In order to get to the Sunday evening performances, guests would have to sit through the Sunday afternoon crowd. Ramirez explained that the Sunday afternoon crowd was filled with people coming from soccer tournaments. As you can imagine, tension in the bar was at an all time high whenever these crowds came pouring in; there’s always a winner, there’s always a loser.¬†People would spend their whole afternoon drinking, arguing, and cussing each other out. The whole bar turned into a brawl!

Then the music started.

All of a sudden, there’s a change in the atmosphere. The same people who were yelling hurtful things to each other are now sharing tables and crying into each others shoulders. The crowd that used to hate each other were suddenly transported to a place of love and peace.

I share this story in hopes that you will take away just how power music can be. It has the ability to change people in a split instant. Who knew that music could be considered a secret weapon in the battle faced at the bar in Nashville, Tennessee?

Stay gold, my friends.

Holly Hines (hollyhinesx)